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New Zealand businesses and consumers have lacked a “NZ Centralized Marketplace Solution” to sell, advertise and be found.

Try and find a "Made in New Zealand" product in your local area by searching Google. You are visiting multiple sites and it can be frustrating.

Shopper is a build (in beta mode) which will allow "you" the consumer to find products and services. 

For businesses, Shopper gives you the tools to do business, list products and be found,

The Current New Zealand Advertising Model

Every NZ business advertises as a single silo business and sits in their own advertising and marketing bubble.

The same model has been used for years. 

Advertise your company, its brand, and the products you want to move every month. 

Allocate an advertising budget, spend that money, and have your fingers crossed you get sales.


The message a business sends, is, “we have a product on sale and here is where you go to buy it”.

The only reason businesses are still advertising, using traditional media, here in New Zealand, is, we have no Central New Zealand Platform that meets the needs of small to medium size businesses and corporate brands.

Online shopping is growing faster than any other medium globally. 

Everyone is searching online for what they need.

More and more businesses in NZ are implementing, Click, Buy, Collect, yet consumers still have to visit every website separately to find "what they want"

For example where do you go to buy a Fold Easy Mobile Scaffold?

Amazon, a coalition of businesses and products. 

A model that works.

Any business can source a product.
They can go to Amazon, Made in China, or other big marketplaces that promote local goods and services .

But no one can head to a New Zealand Marketplace and find New Zealand Products or Services.

Marketplaces like "Alibaba" or "Made in China" allow any LOCAL consumer to find products and the platform allows overseas consumers and businesses to source and buy product fast!

These centralized marketplaces are so successful, suppliers and businesses know, once they have a product listed, consumers will view and potentially buy.

The models are so successful, that the creators of these marketplaces are expanding to create warehouses in multiple countries to allow for faster distribution of product.


New Zealand has lacked a Centralized Solution for Manufacturers, Suppliers, Businesses and Consumers

We are told every day to support “Made in New Zealand" products.

We are told every day to support local businesses.

But how do we find what we want when the impulse finds us online looking.


We are forced to jump onto Google, search, and filter through the search results, visiting each link, researching, then after some time we decide who to buy from. Then we ask ourselves the question, it the company real, is this a scam, do I buy online. 

Right now, who is offering the best priced "24 Piece Dinner Set". 

Who is offering, “near you”, the best offer on that spare tyre you need for your car, or who can provide home delivery for Dog Food, or Essential Items. 

Why do we as New Zealanders have to use the big overseas engines to find what we are looking for, like Expedia just to book local or regional accommodation.

It Stops Now.

Support New Zealand, Support New Zealand Businesses, Support those business owners who keep people employed.

Businesses need Shoppers and Shoppers need our NZ Businesses.



Shopper has been designed for everyone to have the ability to find NZ Products and Services.

Shopper has the vision and goal to become New Zealand’s biggest marketplace, to become New Zealand’s own centralized solution, that will expand globally, allowing any business to take international orders. 



If you are a Business that sells any type of product, become a Shopper Retail Merchant now.

If your a NZ Business that makes "Made in New Zealand products", let members find your products, simply by ticking "Made in NZ"  when you list your product.

Buyers can find your product simply by selecting the filter "Buy Made in NZ.


Setup your own online mini store, add products, or add your service. 

It takes less than 15 minutes and you could be selling your first listed product within the hour. 

Become part of this vision to create for New Zealand, the biggest multi merchant, centralized marketplace that will allow your company products to be found in your own store and within our public front facing online catalog, being our HOME PAGE.

Share your products into Facebook, Instagram , Twtter and dont forget to TikTok.

Products will also be pushed to Shoppers facebook page called the #NZMARKETPLACE

SHOPPER allows "direct communication" from the PRODUCT PAGE directly to you.

Answer any product related questions and provide customer support.

You are always in control of your STORE.   

Right now it will cost your business $0.00 to sign up, $0.00 to setup a store, $0.00 to add a product or service. 


Get some cool features. 

Shopper let's any member locate the closest coffee shop to them that offers Click N Collect. 

Order a coffee, set the time for pickup and when you arrive, walk in, grab your coffee and away you go.

Find a local hairdresser, prebook an appointment, book a Painter, a Plumber, or simply find a local accommodation deals and events. 

Get behind Shopper now, if your a business, setup now and advertise your own personal business; URL.

As soon as you get a sale, that value will be paid directly to your nominated back account which you setup in your Store Administration Dashboard. 

Setup now, add 1 product or more and take advantage of your products being found when we launch publicly. 

if you are a consumer, a New Zealander, become the Ultimate Supporter, by becoming a Shopper Member.

Support New Zealand businesses, communities, and become a part of the next big household brand, "SHOPPER". 



Paul McDonald, Shopper Limited

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